Sheldon and Barnett

Fine Textiles……

Sheldon and Barnett Home Textiles is a division of DeRoyal Textiles, which has enjoyed over 105 years of continuous operation in Camden, South Carolina. The combination of DeRoyals’ global operations and resources combined with a unique experience in the home furnishings industry has yielded Sheldon and Barnett…….

At the heart of Sheldon and Barnett are several industry experienced textile professionals with design, coloring and marketing experience in the home furnishings textile industry.

“Something new you can count on, just like always.” The only thing new is the name, a family name generations old, which brands DeRoyal Textiles Home Furnishings Division. The experience, commitment to quality, customer service and ingenuity are over a century old and focused directly on the future.

Sheldon and Barnetts’ goal is to be the industry standard for excellence in weaving for home furnishings.

From upholstery, drapery, indoor/outdoor, as well as contract fabric, Sheldon and Barnett will continue the tradition of Hermitage Mills and DeRoyal Industries as the benchmark of quality and commitment in the Home Textiles Industry.

Sheldon and Barnett’s unique design process in woven textiles is a story all its own. Our design team consists of a CONCEPT TEAM of industry professionals who study past and current market trends not only in home furnishings, but also in fashion, precious gem markets, antique pieces, and modern trends.

From the concept phase of our design process, the brainstorming then goes to the DESIGN TEAM, whom hand in hand, with our TECHNICAL WEAVING TEAM, begin layout and design of product on a continual basis. Once designs are drafted and specifications for fabrics are completed, the next stage in the process is COLOR. Our experienced and diverse team of COLORISTS- all with varied backgrounds- put their unique artistry into the product. Finally, goods are MERCHANDISED with current existing Sheldon and Barnett product.

The end result is both a random and creative brainstorm, that is blended with structure and organization that makes the Sheldon and Barnett creative process truly unique.